Romancing the Vulcan

Why do we enjoy characters that are emotionless interacting with "normal" emotional people? Wesley Chu moderates with panelists Whitney Ross, Amy Sundberg and Tom Doyle.

From the programme:

"Emotionally restrained heroes were popular in the age of reason; after Romanticism swept Europe, Jane Austen's Darcys and Knightleys were the only emotionally Vulcan-esque heroes left in media for quite some time. From Darcy/Lizzie on the page, to Spock/Uhura on the screen and Spock/Kirk in our fanfic, we love human passion rubbing up against Vulcan reason. What are other models of this dynamic? What's so appealing about loving a Vulcan...or being one?


I Suck


In this panel from ConFusion 2015 Jim C. Hines moderates how much Merrie Haskell, Myke Cole, John Scalzi and Robert J. Bennett suck.

From the programme:

"A panel of authors play "dueling suck" with their own works, trying to see who can best generate a vacuum"


How To Like Problematic Things

Sometimes the things we like come with baggage. Topics that weren't treated well, authors who don't align with popular opinion, voting slates. This panel, recorded in January, discusses some of those things. Moderated by Phillipe McNally, panelists Jeannie, Amy Sundberg and Sarah Gibbons.

From the Programme:

"Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice & Fire, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Many of us like things that are deeply problematic! Liking these works doesn't (necessarily) make you a jerk. How can we like problematic things and not only be decent people, but good allies and activists? How does one's background matter? How does one address the problems? This panel will discuss how to own up to the problematic things in the media you like, particularly when you feel strongly about them."


GLBT Issues in YA

A panel from Balticon on GLBT issues in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Moderated by Jared Axelrod, with panelists Hugh O'Donnell, N. R. Brown, Carl Cipra, and James Daniel Ross.

From the programme:

You want to address GLBT issues in your YA SF/F, but you're straight and you only have one queer friend and s/he never talks to you about their life. So how do you avoid sounding clueless? Who should you talk to? What questions should you ask?


Veronica Giguere


Ben and Mary Ellen talk to Veronica Giguere about narrating audiobooks and voice acting, writing, and other things.

I apologize for the quiet audio in some sections. I couldn't bring the volume up without it sounding horrible.


One Question: After the First Draft


Another One Question special from Balticon 48, in an epic crossover episode with The Roundtable Podcast we see what it's like on the other side of your first draft. We find out what awesome writers do after they've finished their first draft. We get insight from:

Listen to part one here.


One Question: When Is An Idea a Good Idea?

One thing many writers never have a shortage of is ideas. How do you know if an idea is worth exploring and writing though? We discuss this very question with Starla Huchton with answers from Balticon 2014!

Our guest answers come from Charles Gannon, Chris Lester, Christopher Morse, Phillipa Ballantine, Tee Morris, Scott Roche, Scott Sigler and a special guest.

How do YOU know an idea is a good idea?