Bright Lights, Big Science


Ben is on his first convention panel at ConFusion 2014. From the programme:

Catherine Shaffer, Brian Gray, Ben Delano

"Marvel Entertainment recently announced the "Be the next Jane Foster" STEM mentoring program and contest, and even hygiene products are getting in on the act (AXE's "Be an Astronaut" contest). Can speculative media franchises boost interest in the sciences, especially for underrepresented groups?"

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One Question: What Makes a Good MacGuffin?


The MacGuffin is often a maligned element of storytelling. Most of the time, when you hear it mentioned, you are meant to tread carefully, if not avoid the trope.

However, at ConFusion 2014, Ben asked a few authors how you can use a MacGuffin well. These are the responses from Brad Beaulieu, Howard Tayler, John Scalzi, Laura Resnick, Michael R. Underwood, Myke Cole and Peter V. Brett. Of course, what would be a One Question episode without Dave Robison?


More Dumb Questions


It's the return of the Dumb Questions panel from ConFusion! Myke Cole moderates again this year with guests Jacqueline Carey, Nancy Fulda, Sam Sykes and Laura Resnick. It's the one panel where smart questions are discouraged.

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Reading The Amazing Spider-Man


We have a chat with Matthew Wayne Selznick about his upcoming project, Reading the Amazing Spider-Man, theme, and Selznick Serials.

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Matthew has offered a $4 discount to our listeners who pre-order Reading the Amazing Spider-Man. You can order either the EPUB or MOBI (Kindle) versions of the book by clicking. You must pre-order before Feb. 9!

Our picks for this month:


Writing the Superhero


The superhero story is a genre that has become increasingly popular over the past 20 years. Superheros have touched every medium: novels, radio, television, movies, and now also live in online videos and podcasts. Ben talks to 4 authors, Adam Christopher, Andrew Mayne, Christopher Morse and Starla Huchton, about their experience writing in the superhero genre.


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One Question: Writing Tools


In this special episode, we discuss with the wise Dave Robison one question: "What is your most important tool for writing? " With answers from authors and podcasters at Dragon*Con we give you a run-down of things to help you during the upcoming NaNoWriMo challenge!

We hear from the great minds of Kevin J. Anderson, Christiana EllisVeronica Giguere, Starla Huchton, Tom Merritt, Scott Sigler, and Jon Strickland.

Some of the products we've talked about:

Software: ScrivenerAeon Timeline , Dragon Naturally Speaking

Books: Save The Cat20 Master Plots45 Master Characters

Online Services: Dropbox

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