When it comes to your basement, you definitely have space there to do what you want. You can even apply to the city to get a basement suite put in. Once you get a building permit, you will need basement developers in Calgary. They will come to your aid to get you the basement suite that you need.

Taking Short Cuts

I wouldn’t recommend the roundabout way to earn income. It always seems like the easy road to take a short cut at first. In fact, it really can be the path of least resistance. You will always be able to find basement developers in Calgary that are unlicensed or willing to make some cash money on the side. However, unless you get a building permit, that suite is still illegal.

Earning Extra Income

Some areas of the city don’t allow basement suites. This can be because of parking issues. It can also pertain to other factors such as the windows are not wide enough to crawl out of in the basement in the case of a fire. If the city gives you a green light though, you can safely start to make that extra cash.

Can Your Basement Really be a Basement Suite?

Basement developers in Calgary can do amazing things these days with their craft. They can even make those windows wider if you’re willing to do a complete rehaul. They can check the electrical and install fire detectors. Everything will be up to code when you get it done the right way. Best of all, you can safely house another resident looking for a comfy place to call home.


There’s a lot that can be done in your basement. Even if you can’t make it into a basement suite, you can definitely add more living space to your home. Often the government will give incentives for you to renovate your basement. It’s worth investing in your property.

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